What is Halotheraphy?

One of the most recommendable natural therapies , supporting conventional treatment .      Halotherapy word comes from the Greek words halos , or salt . The essence of HT are inhaled air rich in salt aerosol containing many valuable minerals . Depending on the degree of beating it tries to different batches of the respiratory tract stimulates the body's natural defense reactions .      

In 1843 , Polish Feliks Boczkowski MD ( 1804-1855 ) , the world's first confirmed positive impact on the respiratory health of salt particles , and thus proved the effectiveness of HT . In Wieliczka (near Kraków ) , with its famous salt mines , he founded the medical institution (Department of the brine bath ) for patients suffering from various types of respiratory diseases . ​

In the 1980s people began trying to get the microclimate of the salt mine in artificial conditions, ground. Initially used the most simple ways to play the so-called therapeutic microclimate. salt caves egg. by lining the walls with salt blocks. It was found, however, that in the room, which uses only such passive means can not be obtained an appropriate atmosphere, so if the aim is to increase the health conditions of air, the method is not efficient and can be used only for decoration. 

​​​The experience gained over many years has enabled improved significantly HT method and equipment for its implementation. In modern caves they already used dry fine sodium chloride aerosol (haloaerosol) a controlled therapeutic concentrations, which is characterized by anti-inflammatory, draining bronchus, mucolytic (causing liquefaction of mucus in the bronchi) and has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects on  the respiratory system. 

Therapy is ideal for people suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies, skin diseases, for people with reduced immunity and all who want to maintain good health, it works well for prophylactic, activating metabolism and the lymphatic system.

The salt cave microclimate prevails characterized by exceptional bacteriological purity, does not contain any harmful microorganisms and allergens, and the air is saturated with minerals and trace elements. In addition to the advantageous negative ionization, the air is iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and many other elements. The interior of the room imitating salt cave creates an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation and total comfort, the patient excluding external stimuli from the environment.


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