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BIOPTRON light therapy activates and regenerates the body and blood cells by emitting 95% polarised light. The electromagnetic waves of polarised light oscillate in parallel planes only, giving it very special qualities. As opposed to the monochromatic, coherent LASER light, BIOPTRON light is POLYCHROMATIC and employs a wide range of wavelengths (480-3400 nm). It is not characterised by temporary or spatially synchronised light, and is not subject to diurnal or seasonal variations as is the case with sunlight. BIOPTRON light is incoherent in nature, thereby allowing access to the treatment area with a constant and steady intensity, making it possible to apply a generally lower degree of energy for a longer period of time. The human organism transforms this carefully regulated therapeutic dosage of light into electrochemical energy which activates a chain of biochemical reactions within the cells. Cellular biological processes are modulated, metabolism is stimulated and the immune response of the body is reinforced. It rapidly improves blood micro-circulation and cell oxygenation, whilst enhancing fibrocyte stimulation and the production of collagen fibre in skin and subcutaneous tissue to restore skin tightness and elasticity. The skin feels smooth and takes on a healthier appearance even from the first treatments. The calming iridescent beam of this 37° c. light contains no harmful ultraviolet rays and is appropriate and totally safe for use on all skin types and complexions.